What we can do for you

Nutrition Plans

Nobody knows more than a diabetic that your body responds to everything you consume. What that response is; often depends on a lot of factors. The key, is creating the right factors for the response YOU want. There is often a battle between glucose control and the foods we eat. We can develop a customized nutrition plan to allow you to meet your specified goals. It doesn’t matter if you are in a caloric deficit, surplus or just on maintenance calories, your nutrition plan should be sustainable and include foods you enjoy.

Physical Training Programs

If you need guidance on the training you should be doing, and/or the types of cardio specifically for your goals, we can help you. Factors such as rep ranges (high or low), full body vs. split workouts and cardio intensity will facilitate or impede achieving your goals.

Online Coaching

Accountability, consistent guidance, adaptation and support will be what you get with the online coaching program. Since this program is online, you wont have anyone in your ear pushing you through a set, or yelling at you to just go a little further. If that’s what you need, this program is likely not for you. We give you the tools, guidance and tons of support to get you where you need to be. Most importantly, we know exactly what you’re going through. We are in the trenches together and can empathize with the challenges and inevitable set backs that arise. That is a value often difficult to find as a diabetic.