Diabetic Fit Life

The Diabetic Fit Life is about removing the barriers hindering you from achieving your fitness and health goals. As a diabetic, our attention to nutrition and our physical health is not an option but a necessity. Although anyone can benefit from our services, we are primarily focused on meeting the needs of the diabetic community. If you are frustrated with the daily complications of diabetes, but just are not sure how to take the right steps toward physical health, diet and overall glucose control, you have come to the right place. Its time to stop allowing diabetes to impede your progress. If you want to accomplish your fitness goal, whether that is weight loss, muscle gain, getting a handle on your nutrition, or some combination thereof, contact us. Take the first step toward the Diabetic Fit Life without sacrificing health, wellness and proper glucose control.

We aim to reconcile the unique challenges of diabetes and serious physical fitness (e.g., muscle development) by:

  • Developing custom mean plans designed to facilitate glucose control, weigh loss or gain (depending on your goals).
  • Review supplements from a diabetic perspective.
  • Providing tools and insights for glucose control while training.
  • Providing informative content for diabetics, weight training and nutrition.
  • Partner with companies to create products for diabetics to meet physique goals, improve health and overall wellbeing.
  • Creating a forum where like minded diabetics exchange information, ask questions and receive support from the community.

Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods.

Our philosophy

Nobody argues that we’re all different. Each of us respond differently to food, training, supplements and medication. We believe in safe experimentation, being flexible and dismantling the limits placed on the diabetic community by the uniformed. Many traditional physical trainers and online coaches have excellent programs designed to achieve the physique desired. Often mastering the art of transforming the body; most of these trainers know little to nothing about diabetes, or how weight training, cardio, nutrition and the unquantifiable multitude of other factors affect diabetics like us! This is where Diabetic Fit Life comes in. We’re here to close the gap within diabetes and serious physical fitness. We plan to evolve, grow slowly and ultimately be an invaluable resource to the diabetic community in as many ways as we can. While much of the content is focused on Type 1 diabetes, our Type 2 family will still benefit greatly from the products, services and resources we offer. The goal is to help others, plain and simple.